Germany's New Immigration Law: A Comprehensive Guide

Germany has recently implemented a new immigration law aimed at attracting skilled workers from around the world. The new law, which came into effect in March 2020, aims to make it easier for foreign workers to come to Germany and fill the skills gap in the country's labor market.

The new immigration law introduces a point system that is designed to assess the skills and qualifications of applicants. The system awards points based on factors such as language skills, age, work experience, and education.

Who will be benefited by the new immigration law?

The new immigration law is targeted at non-EU citizens who have skills that are in demand in Germany. This includes skilled workers, university graduates, and researchers. The aim is to attract people who can help to fill the country's skills gap in industries such as IT, healthcare, and engineering.

What are the criteria for the point system?

The point system is based on a range of criteria, including:

Language skills - Applicants must be able to demonstrate proficiency in German, which is the main language used in the workplace. The German language is an essential skill to possess in today's globalized world. It is the most widely spoken language in the European Union and is the official language in Germany, Austria, and parts of Switzerland. If you're looking for German language classes in Chennai, you'll find that it is a highly sought-after language due to Germany's strong economy and business opportunities. Learning German can open up doors to study or work opportunities in Germany and other German-speaking countries. It also provides a window into German culture and history, allowing you to connect with native speakers on a deeper level. Find the best German language classes in Chennai to start your journey towards learning this important language today!

Work experience - Applicants must have at least three years of work experience in their field of expertise.

Education - Applicants must have a recognized degree or vocational qualification.

Age - Points are awarded based on the age of the applicant, with younger applicants receiving more points.

Job offer - Applicants who have a job offer in Germany will receive additional points.

How and who can apply?

The application process for the new immigration law is straightforward. Applicants must complete an application form and provide supporting documents, including a valid passport, a CV, and evidence of their qualifications and work experience. They must also provide evidence of their language skills, either by taking a language test or by providing evidence of their previous language studies.

The application must be made from outside Germany, and the processing time is generally around two to three months. Once the application has been approved, the applicant will receive a visa that will allow them to enter Germany and take up their new job.

Scope for Indians

The new immigration law presents an excellent opportunity for skilled Indian workers to work and live in Germany. With a strong focus on attracting workers from outside the EU, the German government is keen to attract people with the skills that are in high demand in the country.

Indian workers with skills in IT, healthcare, engineering, and other high-demand industries are particularly sought after. The new immigration law makes it easier for these workers to obtain a visa and take up a job in Germany.

In conclusion, Germany's new immigration law is a positive step towards addressing the country's skills gap and attracting skilled workers from around the world. The introduction of the point system makes it easier for workers to understand the requirements and the criteria they need to meet. Indian workers with the right skills and qualifications have an excellent opportunity to take advantage of this new law and build a successful career in Germany.


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